Missing Person

When someone in your life has gone missing, it can be incredibly distressing. In many cases, the police will not be able to help find a missing adult, unless there is significant evidence that the missing person is in danger or missing again their will. Private investigators are not bound by the same jurisdictional concerns, and are therefore able to search for any missing person and may be able to provide police with proof of foul play, allowing local law enforcement to open a formal investigation. Private investigators can conduct missing persons investigations whether the police are involved or not, and whether the case is active or has gone “cold.” 

When you hire a private investigator to locate a missing person, they will employ a variety of techniques to complete the investigation. Some investigative tools your private investigator may you include forensic services such as lab work, finger printing and finger print lifting, crime scene reconstruction and crime scene analysis, computer and cellular forensics, skip tracing, forensic accounting, and more. The investigative methods used will depend on the details of the case and the financial and budgetary needs of the client.

Opening a missing persons case immediately after the person has gone missing can greatly improve the odds of locating your loved one, but investigations can still be successfully conducted long after the “missing” date.

Who hires investigators to find missing persons?

The answer to that is just about everyone. You can launch a missing persons investigation to find:

Long lost loved ones or family members who have voluntarily disappeared or run away.

Fugitives you need to find.

Debtors for your money.

Missing persons who have been gone a long time and are part of a cold case.

Runaways and minors who have been kidnapped.

Basically, if you are worried about someone’s whereabouts and wish to locate someone who is not easy to find, a qualified missing persons investigator will be able to use advanced techniques to help find the person you are looking for.